An Essential Piece of Equipment: Rebecca Rusch’s Blood Road Bike

When you decide to head overseas on a bike trip that takes a month, there’s just a wee bit of planning that needs to be done. And in that planning, you’ve got to pick a bike that you trust is going to work for you. During Rebecca Rusch’s amazing journey on the Ho Chi Minh Trail in search of her father’s crash site, she chose to ride a Niner JET 9 RDO.

The Niner JET 9 RDO that Rebecca Rusch rode on her trip along Ho Chi Minh Trail while filming Blood Road.

And in talking with her, it’s a decision she doesn’t regret, “I rode the JET because I wanted full suspension due to the unknown and really varied nature of the trail.  It was everything from paved roads to jungle hike-a-bike with machetes, to original cobblestones that had been hand laid during war time.  My teammate elected for a hard tail, the Niner AIR 9 RDO. I think she regretted that decision just due to comfort for a month on the trail.”

Rebecca Rusch in a village along the Ho Chi Minh Trail during the filming of Blood Road.

 Rebecca explained, “We tried to keep the bikes light, but also durable.  We used aluminum wheels because we didn’t have space to bring many spare parts.”

Rebecca Rusch enjoying time with children in a village on her trip along the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

“We did have some spare stuff in the support vehicle and my long time mechanic and Niner dealer, Jason Bauer of Bauerhaus Bikes in Boise, Idaho was with us cleaning and prepping the bikes every single day. We only had one flat the entire time and no mechanicals at all.”

Jason Bauer of Bauerhuas Bikes kept the bikes running smoothly during the 1200 mile trek.

For upcoming screenings and info on Rebecca’s film, visit Blood Road Film. Also, take a moment to read Rebecca’s first hand account of the trip and what it means to her as well as watching the trailer below.

Enjoy the following slideshow for a “Behind the Scenes” collection of images from the filming of Blood Road.

A NOTE FROM NINER: The JET 9 RDO that you see in these pictures and in Blood Road, the movie, has changed considerably in design and has become a shorter travel, all purpose trail bike. At the time of filming, Rebecca’s JET was Niner’s flagship cross country full suspension bike and also the bike that Rebecca rode competitively. In the time since filming, we have added a new cross country full suspension bike, the RKT 9 RDO, which Rebecca now uses competitively.

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