Behind the 9: Down the Road with Niner’s Lucas Perez

When he’s not on the bike, Lucas goes fishin’.

Ever wonder about that friendly guy who shows up in a town near you with a van and a trailer full of bikes for you to test? For Niner, he’s Lucas Perez, our National Demo Tech. A couple of weeks ago, before he started his onslaught of driving and demo events, we sat down with him to give you another look, Behind the 9.

Niner: What’s your first memory of riding a bike?
Lucas: My first memory of riding a bike was lining up at the start line to my first cross country mountain bike race when I was seven years old. It was a mini course set up in the middle of the venue and I just remember the amount of people that were gathered around it cheering on all of us little kids.

Niner: What was your first mountan bike and where was your first ride on it? Do you still have it?
Lucas: I can’t remember the brand of the mountain bike but it was a rigid steel bike that weighed a ton. I remember being so happy when I got it. I wish I still had it. My first ride on it was around my neighborhood when I lived in Colombia.

Niner: What’s the one place you’ve ridden that you would go back to right now?
Lucas: I rode the Monarch Crest trail near Salida, Colorado a few years back with some good friends. I would love to go back and relive that moment.

Niner: What’s the worst ride you’ve ever had?
Lucas: It was a ride where I underestimated the amount of liquids and food I needed to bring on a long training ride with some strong guys. I had to resort to eating dirty snow off the side of the trail because I was so BONKED!

Lucas during his first race.

Niner: What is it about the bike that has grabbed your attention and held onto it?
Lucas: The ability to go anywhere in a timely fashion and be able to enjoy it. Unlike hiking.

Niner: What movie or novel (or cartoon) character do you most identify with?
Lucas: Mark Wahlberg in the movie Shooter.

Niner: What’s one rule you try to live by?
Lucas: I try not to take anything for granted and live everyday like it’s my last because you never know when it will be.

Niner: What would you do if you didn’t work for Niner and funds were not an issue?
Lucas: I would travel down to Patagonia with my girl, my bike and my fly rod and live out of a cabin.

Niner: In the cycling world, who would you like to meet and go for a ride with? What would you ask that person?
Lucas: I would like to meet Jared Graves and go on a ride with him. In my opinion he is the best mountain biker to ever ride a bike. He seems like a humble guy too. I would ask him to teach me to jump better!

Niner: What piece of bike gear can you not live without?
Lucas: Aside from the essentials like shoes, helmet, and gloves I couldn’t live without a device that plays music and tracks my rides. I like to jam on long rides and I like to be able to see and track my progress.

One handed skills.

Niner: If you had to choose between bowling, mini-golf or disc golf, which would it be and why?
Lucas: Probably disc golf since those courses are usually in cool areas and I like to be outside.

Niner: If you could improve one skill on the mountain bike, what would it be?
Lucas: Jumping!

(P.S. Keep an eye out HERE to meet up with Lucas at one of our many demo events. Bring him cookies and a smile. He logs a lot of miles in that demo van each year!)