Behind the 9: Downhillin’ with Niner’s Nate Adams

Nate likes to fly.

When we’re talking Nate Adams, we’re talking about Niner’s Nate Adams, who most recently competed in the downhill race at Sea Otter. He started racing bikes when he was a wee lad and once upon a time, traveled to Europe to race in World Cups. He’s also our soft spoken, in-house graphic wiz and our out on the trail photo and video shredder. (And he may like to play the occasional prank or two.)

If you’ve followed Niner Bikes at all, you’ve seen him whizzing by in videos, hitting jumps wearing a full face unicorn mask or yucking it up with Kirt Voreis out on the trail. We had a chance to sit down with Nate to see what makes him tick.

NINER: What’s your first memory of riding a bike?

NATE: My dad sent me down a hill in front of our house for the first time without training wheels. I was hanging in there pretty good until a Dalmatian ran in front of me sending me over the bars straight to my head. It knocked me out cold.

NINER: What was your first mountain bike and where was your first ride on it? Do you still have it?

Motos are fun too.

NATE: It was a GT “Pantera” that I had on layaway forever at the local bike shop. Once I paid up I either took it to Horsetooth Mountain Park or the BMX track. The frame is still hanging in my parent’s garage but the parts are long gone.

NINER: What’s the one place you’ve ridden that you would go back to right now?

NATE: Whistler, BC.

NINER: What’s the worst ride you’ve ever had?

NATE: Probably the first cross country race I entered. It was at Lory State Park in ’94. I had to climb up the infamous Towers Road for the first time. Totally bonked.

NINER: What is it about the bike that has grabbed your attention and held onto it?

NATE: I think it was the feeling of independence and doing things the way I wanted to do them rather than sticking to the team sports where a coach decides what position you’re going to play.

Family time is quality time.

NINER: What movie or novel (or cartoon) character do you most identify with?

NATE: Cru Jones from the 80’s movie “Rad”.

NINER: What’s one rule you try to live by?

NATE: Try and be the best version of yourself today.

NINER: What would you do if you didn’t work for Niner and funds were not an issue?

NATE: I would probably live in Whistler and ride downhill everyday, or, on second thought, I’d own an agave ranch in Mexico. I like tequila.

NINER: In the cycling world, who would you like to meet and go for a ride with? What would you ask that person?

NATE: It would be cool to ride with Josh Bryceland. It seems like he rides just to have fun most of the time. I don’t know what I’d ask him because I probably couldn’t understand his thick accent anyways… haha.

NINER: What piece of bike gear can you not live without?

NATE: My Troy Lee Designs helmet. Saved my life a few times, I reckon.

NINER: If you had to choose between bowling, mini-golf or disc golf, which would it be and why?

NATE: Bowling is pretty fun.

NINER: If you could improve one skill on the mountain bike, what would it be?

NATE: Climbing for sure. Haha.

A recent video with Nate riding the redesigned RIP 9 RDO.