A Bomb’s Journey: Rebecca Rusch’s Return to Laos

Rebecca Rusch just keeps moving. She’s flown around the world this year promoting her film, Blood Road and raising awareness about the dangers of landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO). The film has garnered numerous accolades and on one leg of her journey, she returned to Laos to tell this story about not only clearing the land of bombs and landmines but also turning the remnants into something beautiful.

(Heads up: If you haven’t seen Blood Road yet, you’re in luck. watch this short film and then scroll below for info on how to watch Blood Road for free and how to support Rebecca’s UXO efforts.)

To commemorate Veteran’s Day, honor her father, Stephen Rusch’s memory and continue to raise awareness about UXO, starting Saturday, September 11, you can watch Blood Road for free on RedBull.tv until the end of the year. Find it HERE.

To help with the efforts to clear Laos:

Some images from the filming of Blood Road.

Rebecca Rusch in Laos where she learned the dangers of UXO.
Rebecca Rusch made time to play during the filming of Blood Road.


Rebecca Rusch, professional cyclist, stands in a field in a crater created by a bomb.
Rebecca Rusch saw up close the danger of UXO while she filmed Blood Road.
Two professional cyclists ride a road while being followed by a film crew in a truck.
Rebecca and Nyuen ride while the crew films Blood Road