East Coast Demo Driver Q & A

Dan Ennis was recently hired at Niner to be our East Coast demo driver.  While he was at HQ in Fort Collins, we sat down to find out more about him and his background in the bike industry. Of course, all this was done post trail ride.

Riding RIP 9 in Fort Collins

Q: So you just started working at Niner as our East Coast Demo driver. What were you doing before you started working here? Give us a little insight into your history with MTBs.

A: Been riding and racing since I was a little kid. I grew up in Florida. So BMX and XC racing was what was up. Eventually, I got into DH racing once I moved to some mountains. I’ve been kicking it in Brevard, NC for the past ten years. I still love it here and I try to ride every day.

Q: We heard you can send it. Is this true? What is your preferred style of riding?

A: I’ve been known to get a little loose on occasion… wait, are we talking about bikes?!  If so yes, but only on Tuesday’s. Preferred style? I love big backcountry rides with long killer downhills, burritos in the pack, style. You know, mountain biking.

Q: Go to post ride meal?

A: Burritos and milkshakes.

Q: Where is your absolute favorite trail? Why?

A: Gotta be Black Mountain trail in Pisgah National Forest. It’s basically my backyard and I know every root and turn, it’s fun to go full tilt down that thing.

Q: You’ve been at HQ for a few days, how are you liking our local trails?

A: Loving it! So different from home, loose and rocky.

Q: What’s your horoscope and do you strongly identify with it?

A: I’m a Libra, but couldn’t even tell you what that means…

Q: Good thing this isn’t an interview 😉 . You’re the Scales of Justice, FYI. How fast can you change a flat tire? Asking in case we need you on pit crew duty some day.

A: I run downhill tires so I don’t have to deal with flats….

Q. What bottle cap to you plan on putting as your stem cap?

A: Abita root beer

Dan and Reese, our social media manager, pre-interview ride in Fort Collins.