Last Call for Summer

Words: George Wisell

Photos: Ian Hylands

With summer winding down and fall fast approaching, it only took a quick look at the upcoming weather forecast for Nate and me to make our decision. The following day was to be the last nice day for a while. It seemed like a perfectly good idea to play hooky from work.

Our destination was Dadd Gulch, a fun little trail just north of Fort Collins, which also happens to be right near a good fishing spot. We grabbed Ian, loaded up the truck and headed up the canyon.

The aspen trees were blazing gold and the trail conditions were prime. Dadd’s is a fun trail, with a little bit of everything. All singletrack with binkers, rollers and one big hero booter. That sort of thing is far above my pay grade, but Nate had no issue sending it.

Once at the bottom, it was time to change equipment, have a snack (and maybe a beer or two from the cooler). Right across the road from the parking lot is the Poudre river. Due to a low snowpack the previous winter, flows were low, but I have caught a few fish over the summer.

I tend to be very streaky when it comes to fishing. I either catch a bunch of fish, or I catch nothing. Unfortunately for me, I was in the latter category. Nate however, managed to hook a fish right away, and almost fell in with surprise. While he didn’t net that fish, it was game on because we knew we weren’t just throwing flies into empty water.

After many, many casts, Nate was finally able to snag and land a nice rainbow trout.

All in all, not a bad day’s work.