Fully Loaded: The Blackburn Rangers Ride On

A group of bicyclists look out over the ocean.

The Blackburn Rangers program began its fourth season last spring. With names like Christian and Ivan, Brian and Courtney and Katie and Laura, this season’s Blackburn Rangers headed out for some serious time away. Their adventures would take them across the country, over mountains, along oceans, through deserts and everywhere else in between. They would encounter a variety of weather, fierce headwinds, friendly tailwinds and an entire cast of colorful characters.

With bikepacking equipment provided by Blackburn Design and bikes provided by Niner ( The ROS 9 Plus shown below or RLT 9 steel shown in the top left) , these teams would split up and encounter different adventures along the way.

One such team, Katie and Laura, rode the Great Divide trail together, the longest off-pavement route in the world. Stretching from Canada all the way to Mexico, Katie and Laura pedaled the days away, the dirt and gravel grinding away under them. You can watch a short video on their trip through Wyoming.

For more info on what Christian, Ivan, Brian and Courtney are up to, visit Blackburn Design where you can read all about their plans, check out their equipment setups and follow them along on their blogs.

And here’s some more great news. With Niner’s support, Blackburn is now accepting applications for it’s 2017 Ranger program which takes the new Rangers on adventures in four different countries in Europe.