Kirt Voreis Hunts Down a Bike, and It’s a Niner.

In November of 2016, Kirt Voreis posted a video to Instagram showing he and his trusted videographer, Doug, trying to make a bike video with only wheels and random components. The problem? Kirt didn’t have a frame. Fast forward to January, 2017. Kirt has found a frame – and it’s a Niner, size large.

Niner Bikes welcomes its newest professional cyclist, Kirt Voreis, to the Niner family. And quite frankly, we are stoked. Kirt’s history and personality are well-known in the mountain bike world where he has long been a leader. He is known to be one of the best all-around riders in the world and continues to be a true ambassador for the entire sport.
In case, however, you missed his racing, his free ride videos and his bike ambassadorship efforts with Allride, here’s a little bit about him.

Kirt Voreis, mountain biker, looking at the camera
Kirt Voreis, Mountain Biker Extraordinaire

In his late teens, and recovering from a skateboarding injury, Kirt began racing cross-country mountain bikes. In 1994, his professional career as a downhill mountain biker began after he sent a video of himself doing back flips on his bmx bike to Yeti owner, John Parker.

He has since raced and stood on the podium at countless World Cup and National downhill, dual slalom and 4x races across the globe. He has been sponsored by some of the largest factory teams in the bicycle industry during their most prominent years: Yeti, Specialized, Haro, the Santa Cruz Syndicate. He continues to be sponsored by some of the biggest names in the sport, like Fox Racing, who has been with him for nearly two decades.

When mountain biking began to shift towards “freestyle” riding, Kirt began successfully competing in freestyle events and filming for cutting edge videos. He understood the need to evolve with the industry, so he “rebranded” himself away from racing. In 2003, he started the AllRide Tour to show the versatility of the mountain bike and to showcase his sponsors products to the masses thru shop visits, clinics, youth sponsorship and video production.

Kirt will ride Niner’s trail bikes, the redesigned RIP 9 RDO and JET 9 RDO. Kirt’s future goals are to generate more interest in the sport of mountain biking, stand on podiums and make great videos. He is respected at the highest levels, yet makes the effort to connect with everyone who rides.