Niner Plans for Next Big Ride, Announces Partnership

The Niner team likes to ride.

At Niner, we’ve been on one long epic ride for 13 years. We’ve climbed long hills, bombed down others, turned wrong corners and found our way back. Ultimately, we’ve been blessed to be a part of the cycling world and build incredible relationships with a host of great, like-minded people who often breathe, eat and sleep bikes just like we do.


In recent years, our epic ride has allowed us to create innovative bikes like the RLT 9 RDO, re-imagine what the SIR 9 hardtail can be and redesign and update our trailbikes, the RIP and the JET. It’s also allowed us to support IMBA. We’ve helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to support trail access and development. We’ve definitely climbed high but we are driven to climb higher. And heck yeah, we’re stoked about these latest bikes’ ride qualities and the pedal to grin ratio each one offers, but we want to be able to do more in this highly competitive industry. So what does this all mean? It means we need a bit of a re-route and a stop at an aid station to refuel with some outside help.

The updated, re-imagined RIP 9 RDO. Longer, lower, slacker.


But who’s manning the aid station and helping with the re-route? We’ve brought in three guys, who are stoked about bikes, whose only desire is to see us grow and have the resources we need to continue to push the limits of what cycling can do. As part of this investment, they guys recognized that we needed a fresh start at capitalizing the company and have worked closely with us to help navigate the Chapter 11 process which we will emerge from on January 30, 2018. Before and during this re-route, they have been acutely aware, that we must enhance our relationships with both our riders, our dealers and our suppliers. They know, and we do too, that without people riding our bikes, selling our bikes and supplying us with everything we need to create great bikes, we’d amount to pretty much nothing.

One of the best things about our new partners is that they know that success in this industry requires a consistent focus on innovation and product development so, they’re bringing capital to Niner that will allow us to constantly push on new ideas, test new designs and look at delivering a better ride for all. We’re excited to be able to continue to build our relationships with our suppliers, riders and dealers. We want them to be excited too because we’ll be stronger and more innovative. But don’t worry, we’ll continue to operate with the same ethos, focus on quality and drive to build killer bikes.

A gravel bike built for performance, the industry leading RLT 9 RDO


Through all of this, we’ve gotten several questions. The big one? Is Niner going out of business. Not at all. We’re not going out of business. It’s business-as-usual at Niner HQ with orders being taken, bikes being shipped and questions being answered each day. Our team remains in place with founder, Chris Sugai, charting the course and pushing for more innovation, incredible quality and a great ride. We will continue to work with our suppliers and build on those relationships so that everyone can grow. We’ll continue to introduce new products (with a few in the works up our sleeves right now) and revamp current products that are a little long-in-the-tooth. And yes, we continue to honor our warranties and that won’t change going forward.

We hope to see you on the trails and the gravel roads soon.