#Ride2Mammoth, Day 1: From the Ocean into the Mountains with Amanda Nauman

Here’s an interesting idea. Start at the Pacific Coast, get on your bike with your training partners, ride east into the LA mountains on your way to the Sierra Nevadas. Amanda “Panda” Nauman and members of the SDG Factory Team are headed on a 400+ mile journey over three days, riding their Niner bikes on their #Ride2Mammoth. It’s all part of Amanda’s training plan on her #RoadtoKanza – The Dirty Kanza 200, where she’ll compete as the reigning, two time champion.

Here’s a video and photo journal from the Day 1.


Smiles along the coast. The ride begins soon.
Alright fellas, let’s roll.
Panda Power!
The California coast is always colorful.
Fewer cars makes better sense.
Springtime green.
Into the LA mountains.
Roll fast. Feel the wind in your face.
Rugged beauty.
Grindin’ it out.
Out of the sun, if only for a minute.
The work’s not over yet.
A taste of tomorrow. The desert begins.


Day 1 of the #Ride2Mammoth took us up PCH, around Los Angeles, over the San Gabriel Mountains and down into the desert. Touching most of the iconic SoCal riding terrain all in one day and battling rising temperatures along the way made for a very memorable ride. As we make our way through the barren high desert tomorrow, we’ll be thinking of the cool Pacific Ocean behind us and the snow in the Sierras ahead of us.

Day 2 Recap: 170 miles. Blazing Desert Heat.  Much of the route follows Highway 395 en route to the gateway city to Mount Whitney – Lone Pine, California.



The #Ride2Mammoth continues. Keep an eye out for more of the story on Niner’s Facebook and Instagram pages by using #Ride2Mammoth and #RoadtoKanza. And don’t forget to follow the SDG Factory Team during their upcoming season.