#Ride2Mammoth, Day 2: Amanda and the Team Face Heat in the High Desert

Day 2 of the #Ride2Mammoth found Amanda and her SDG Factory Teammates facing long, straight highways, high heat and relentless sunshine. Here’s the story in video, pictures and words: (If you missed Day 1, here’s the recap.)

How does she keep smiling?
Amanda Nauman, David Sheek and Jason Seigel on the road between Palmdale and Lone Pine, California.
A trio, the sun and tarmac you could fry an egg on.
Squeezing the perspiration out or just adjusting her helmet?
Where’s this place called Lone Pine?
A different perspective.
Are we there yet?


A Bit Shattered: Amanda Nauman, David Sheek and Jason Seigel relax after the ride from Palmdale to Lone Pine.


Stick a fork in them.

In Amanda’s Words: Day 2 of the #Ride2Mammoth was a hot 170 miles in the high desert. The monotony of two-lane desert roads and Highway 395 was the bulk of today’s adventure. As we turned on to the 395 North, we were graced with a swift tailwind that carried us all the way to Lone Pine. After anticipating a head or crosswind in that corridor, nothing made us happier than having the wind at our backs for the second half of the ride through the heat. It was hot enough that we went through two full bags of ice trying to stay cool. We’re looking forward to playing in the snow tomorrow when we get to Mammoth!

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