#Ride2Mammoth, Day 3: Amanda, the Team and a Large Mammal

Day 3 of the #Ride2Mammoth took the team up the highway, off onto some scenic gravel and up to the resort and snow. Here’s the final recap of the story in video, pictures and words.(If you missed Day 1 or 2, here are the recaps: DAY 1, DAY 2)

The desert and the mountain backdrop.
Up, up, up…
…and away.
The end is near for Amanda Nauman, David Sheek and Jason Seigel.
The trio celebrates.
Paying homage to a large prehistoric mammal.
It’s over. I’m hungry. Let’s eat.

In Amanda’s Words: DONE! Day 3 of the #Ride2Mammoth was a beautiful uphill ride through hell with the most gorgeous views in the world to keep us motivated. We rolled from the high desert in Lone Pine to Bishop, where we turned down one of the most scenic gravel roads in the area. After getting our bikes dirty and our minds off the pain, we rolled back on to Highway 395 and headed north towards Paradise and Tom’s Place. The bulk of the climbing hit us immediately and reality set in that we had a grueling trek uphill towards Mammoth Lakes. A few hours later we turned on the road towards the main lodge. The final four miles were bittersweet. It had been 405 miles since we left the beach in Southern California. When we arrived at the final destination, it kinda felt like a dream to roll up on an audience of snowboarders wondering what the hell we were doing.

Thanks to everyone for the support. Especially to Niner Bikes for believing the crazy idea I had would make a great marketing campaign. Muscle Monster ensured our rest and recovery along the way were properly taken care of. The Santa Ynez office of Carmichael Training Systems lent us the support vehicle for the first two days while Coach Paul Ruggiero kept an eye on us all the way to Lone Pine. My dad came out to support on the final day to Mammoth and I’m happy he was able to witness our arrival to the mountain he loves so much. All of the team’s other sponsors had a hand in making this a smooth ride with very few hiccups. Thanks to: SDG, Orange Seal, Easton, Oakley, Crankbrothers, CCN Sport, Kali Protectives, Shimano, Kogel, Feedback Sports, and Sockguy.
Finally, thanks to everyone who shared this story along the way and cheered us on. It’s been a very memorable experience and I’m grateful for every second of it.