Riding Scotland by Bike. Meet Jenny Graham

Jenny Graham recently hit the Scottish countryside by bike as a Blackburn Ranger. Meet her here and read her pre-ride journal entry.

Pedal Damn It …
It’s Sunday afternoon and 24 hours ago I should have started on the most amazing bike journey, but, with no start line, deadline, or eager adventure buddy hurrying me along, I found myself in a week-long mother of all Faffs! But was is a Faff? Or was it procrastination? This needed exploring and so another two hours were spent on Google researching the difference and making sure I was clear on calling ‘not doing things I should be doing’ by the correct name. On the upside though, I found this super-funny video by Tim Urban and it explains my brain perfectly…

So with Jenny Faffathon Graham from Procrastination Street now set as my new title, I went about cleaning my windows and kitchen cupboards, editing pictures from a holiday I had two years ago, meeting friends, scrolling Instagram meme pages, going out for drinks – and the list went on and on…

Jenny Graham, Blackburn Ranger 2017

Saturday morning came and went. I hung out with my son (such a treat <3) and it soon became apparent that my bike journey would not begin today. I had already planned to spend the first night of the trip with my two gorgeous pals, Emma and Penny, and didn’t want to let them down, so Penny and I set off on our road bikes for a ‘Fringe Adventure’ through to Aberlour, 60miles away, where Emma lives. I’d come home on Sunday and get myself sorted.

For my upcoming Blackburn trip, I plan to spend five awesome weeks travelling around some of Scotland’s most wonderfully rugged mountains by bike. I’ll roughly be following the Highland Trail route with some interesting detours thrown in for the craic. I’ll be meeting and riding with some of my favourite people in the whole world and, hopefully, meeting some new-bees too!

I have music festivals, Highland dances, a 24hr race and loads more to cram into this trip but amongst all this madness I aim is to discover the Zen of the wonderful country that I’m lucky enough to call home.

So, once I get around to doing the hardest part of any trip – LEAVING THE HOUSE, and get my legs spinning, this is sure to be one hell of an adventure.

Motto of the week: Pedal Damn It! << thanks for that one Niner Bikes

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