Speed and Style along the California Coast with Kirt Voreis: A Photo Collection

What? Ride a 29 inch mountain bike in the downhill at Sea Otter? And then ride a different 29er in the dual slalom? Yes and Yes. When we asked Kirt Voreis to do such a thing he was ready, willing, able and excited about it. We put together a little photo album from his time on the coast riding with Niner’s in-house downhiller and unlucky sufferer of some California coast poison oak, Nate Adams. They hit Sea Otter first and followed it up with a little trail ridin’. (All photos by Ian Hylands)

Kirt racing the RIP 9 RDO on the Sea Otter downhill course
Kirt on the dual slalom course racing the JET 9 RDO. Look at that front wheel scrub!
We all need a little air time. Kirt found it on the downhill course.
Nate Adams gives chase on his RIP 9 RDO on the Sea Otter downhill course.
“What’s the best line?” Kirt Voreis considers it all prior to the race.
Lean it hard. Lean it fast. Stay off the brakes and rocket out of the corner.
Nate just looks fast here. And, well, he is fast.
We’re not saying this is where the poison oak rubbed Nate the wrong way, but you never know.