What is the future of gravel racing?

Over Labor Day weekend, we headed to Idaho in order to answer one question, “What is the future of gravel racing?” With events like Dirty Kanza, the Grinduro, the Dirty Reiver and countless others, gravel racing has exploded in the past few years. Riders travel from all over to compete in these events. They ride bikes designed to be more stable and accommodate wider tires, but these bikes are designed for performance. So, when Rebecca Rusch told us about her new addition to her already successful Rebecca’s Private Idaho (RPI), a single day event, we listened and then we went.

Introduced this year, the Queen’s Stage Race took place over three days and started the Thursday before RPI. Racers rode two different stages – one on Thursday and one on Friday. The final stage, the Big Potato, is RPI’s nearly 100-mile race with roughly 6500 feet of climbing. So, was this new format successful? Will others follow suit and enter the gravel racing scene? Watch the video and find out.

A group of riders about to start gravel racing.
Getting ready for the Queen’s Stage Race (Photo courtesy of Linda Guerrette)